2 Most Popular Common Types Trampolines on the Market

2 Most Popular Common Types Trampolines on the Market

A trampoline is a equipment that people could bounce on its surface for recreational and fitness purpose. It generally consist of reinforced metal frame, springs with great elasticity and bounce mat. The elasticity is created by the springs.

Round trampoline: round types was and still the main models in the market.  From net-less to now with safety enclosure net, the trampoline’s safety is highly improved more than ever.

The enclosure net can be made inside or outside. Some consider that the outside covering net could not prevent user from hurting themselves from the springs.

In recent year, besides backyard trampoline, there comes out with mini trampoline or what call rebounder. They are mainly made for 2 kinds of users.  One is for routine worker that could bring alone a portable fitness equipment for any convenience. The other one is for infant or  toddler who could exercise themselves with more flexibility. Moreover, there is a rebounder designed with banding.

Created by Dr. Keith Alexander, the spring less trampolines are the most safest and expensive trampoline for recreational use.

Round trampoline’s price is usually acceptable.

Square or rectangle trampoline, generally they are mostly used in trampoline park and professional gymnasts.

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