How to Install Metal Swing Set In The Backyard?

How to Install Metal Swing Set In The Backyard?

Backyard metal swing set is always the best memory in childhood.  It is very important to find out the proper equipment and mostly safe and install it steady. How to Install Metal Swing Set In The Backyard?

The some economical purpose, we suggest that parents could choose a metal swing set with modular parts which could be easily adjust with different parts for growing ages, for eg, like Action’s model:  Small Outdoor Metal Swing playset (SS3S02), it is very basic swing with 2 swing seat and an air glider.  For younger kid, a specialize baby seat is recommend,  baby seat usually designed with round-protected. Rather than this, we recommend special baby metal swing set which could not only use indoor but outdoor model: SSB01.

For the order child, we could added in a wave slide or replace one swing seat to a flying sauce. One tips while changing the seats,  swings should be 20-30cm/8-12 inch apart. And the seats should be at least 20cm/8inch from the ground.

In my opinion, the idea of modular swing set is  great, especially for those families who have children and it could help a lot if parties take place frequently.

OK, after choosing the swing set, let talk about the ground.

The ground is a key factor!  The play area should be level, without rocks, tree limbs, sharp plants or any other obvious protrusion. Furthermore, the ground should be fill with 15-30cm/ 6-12 inch protective material such as EPDM granules, sand or mulch. The play area should be install with bordering rubber to keep the material grounded.

CPSC says that swings should have a use zone that extends at least 6 feet from the outside of the support assembly on both sides as well as use zones that extend in front of and behind the swing. The front and back zone should extend outward at least double the distance between the swing hangers and the ground.

After the surface area is done, let dig some hole!

  • Draw out the fixe point of the swing leg end.

  • Dig 4 holes under the fixed point.

50cm/20inch depth, length 30cm/11.81inch, width 30cm/11.81inch

  • Connect the leg end with the metal tube by screws

  • Put the metal tube into the hole and fill the hole with concrete as pictures.

In this way , the metal tube could stabilize the legs while the swing is on the move.

And the swing is perfectly done! Enjoy it!

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