Why Pantone Color is Important?

Why Pantone Color is Important?

Pantone color system is a very good tool in defining the visual color of customers’ logo and brands. Especially pantone color code is very important while we do pre-mass production with customers. Pantone color is very popular and widely known and accepted. When customer send their logo and brands, there are some pantone color codes of them. And we just search for the color codes on pantone color then we could use the correct color! That is very convenience!The correct color of the logo and brands will be confirmed and put into use like mold roto and machine cover color.

Action knows very well of pantone matching system. And after customer confirm with Action on the swing set color. We will do a sample with required color first. We take pictures and videos and if necessary send sample to customers. How Action keep our metal swing set the same color forever? The answer is easy. Action could both accept customer’s appointed color powder brands and models, we could purchase the appointed powder or customer can appoint the color powder by himself/herself. If customer leave the powder to our choice. We would confirm the logo and brands’ pantone colors and make samples. The samples will make accordingly and keep in our storage for comparsion.

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