5 Key Reasons That Must Have A Metal Swing Sets

5 Key Reasons That Must Have A Metal Swing Sets

Metal swing sets are often considered an inferior choice compared with wooden swing sets, which are generally regarded as more durable and attractive. However, they actually have many advantages compared with wooden swings, which can make them a great alternative. Also, they are available in a variety of different styles that you can choose from, ranging from sets that have only swings to others that include everything from monkey bars to slides. Here are some of the advantages you can enjoy by choosing a metal play set for kids:

A metal play set is more affordable than a wooden set, since many of the woods used to make the best wooden swing sets are very expensive. By comparison, galvanized steel is not that pricey, helping keep the price of the swing set down.
The galvanized steel used to make the best metal swing sets is rust-resistant, making it is more durable and stronger than older metal play sets as well as being better able to hold up to wear and tear from various types of weather. And the steel can even be given an attractive finish that makes them as attractive in appearance as wooden sets.

Metal swing sets are generally smaller than those made of wood, making them more appropriate for families that have a limited space for installing play sets. The smaller size also allows you to place a bigger safety buffer between the set and any possible hazards such as fences and gardens. The Consumer Product Safety Commission recommends that you maintain a radius of at least six feet around the swing set to ensure that there is enough space for the children to play safely while using it.

Metal swing sets are lighter than wooden ones, making them easier to move around when necessary. However, they will also have to be more firmly tethered to the ground to ensure that they will not tip over while they are being used by children.

Metal sets can be assembled quickly in a matter of hours. Metal swing sets are sold as kits that contain everything that you need to put together the set, including nuts and bolts as well as the owner’s manual that tells you what to do. All you have to provide are your own tools such as screwdrivers and wrenches. And many of these sets can be expanded as your kids grow up, since they are based on a basic A-frame that you can add additional components to when necessary.

It should be noted that metal swing sets will not last as long as wooden sets, since they will eventually corrode with prolonged exposure to the elements. They are also not as strong as wooden sets, and may not be able to support the weight of older children, making them slightly more of a safety risk.

That said, if you choose the right set for your area and keep it properly maintained, it will still give you and your family years of pleasure at a cheaper price. When it comes to backyard fun, there’s nothing like having your own playground equipment. You may just find that your backyard becomes the most popular place in the whole neighborhood.

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