How to Install Metal Swing Set In The Backyard?

Backyard swing and slide set is always the best memory in childhood.  As adult,  it is very important to find out the proper equipment and mostly safe and install it steady. The some economical purpose, we suggest that parents could choose a swing set with modular parts which could be easily adjust with different parts [...]

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Most Common Types Trampolines on the Market

A trampoline is a equipment that people could bounce on its surface for recreational and fitness purpose. It generally consist of reinforced metal frame, springs with great elasticity and bounce mat. The elasticity is created by the springs. Round trampoline: round types was and still the main models in the market.  From net-less to now [...]

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How to Choose Suitable Family Trampoline

Bouncing on a trampoline already become a regular exercise way.  However,  how do you know which trampoline is suitable  with regard to so many  types of trampoline on the markets.  Today we will offer a few suggestion on how to choose a right trampoline. First and most importantly,  safety.  When we talk about a safe [...]

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The Top Secrets of Action’s Trampoline

  Trampoline are made of a few components: the metal tubes, springs, jumping mat, or bounce bed, safety pads and some bigger models will contains enclosure net. Tubes will construct into frame and legs of the trampolines, usually made of galvanized steel.  Usually the support frame is U shape and few models in the market [...]

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The Secret of Action’s Metal Swingsets

Swing set usually made of a few components: tubes, plastic parts and fasteners and other necessary parts. And different from old simple swing, modern swings are designed with safety bar to prevent rollover and ergonomic seat for maximum comfort.   Metal: Tubes thickness varies from 0.8-1.0-1.5-2.0mm-2.5mm. (side bar and leg foot varies from 1.0-1.5mm) Swing’s [...]

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How Action Help Customer Gain Market Share

  When Action receives inquiries from market, we are not just offering our price and products clumsy and wait for reply from clients. No. That was the old fashion. The old fashion might work in old days but now the niche markets required more effects. Our comprehensive market research will help customer to understand the [...]

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Advise on Choosing Rebounder (mini Trampoline)

Advise on Choosing Rebounder (mini Trampoline) According to Supporting Weight For Kids under 5 years old, we recommend trampolines with elastic bandage. Because usually young kid's weight is not heavy enough for the elastic spring. Even though the bangage could not creat as much as spring does, but it make great effect and safety on [...]

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Development of Swingsets

  Have you ever wonder when swing set was found?   We could find evidences that swing sets have been around for very long time. Such as ancient Greek, 525BC   Also the trace of swing set in China can be found in ChunQiu Period. It became a popular and common activity in China since [...]

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